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Hello and please welcome to my website!

My name is Valeri (“Dr. Val”) Chukhlomin and I am Professor/Online Courses Coordinator/Mentor at SUNY Empire State College. For more than 30 years I have been teaching business, economics and management related topics in Russia, Australia and since 2006 in the U.S. Currently, I advise students and teach International Business, International Marketing, Cross-Cultural Management, International Political Economy, Marketing Strategy (capstone), as well as Scanning the Business Environment, Strategic Executive Leadership (capstone) , and Strategic Global Management for MBA. In addition, I coordinate online studies in Marketing offered by the SUNY’s ESC Division of Business. I have extensive professional experience in the field of international marketing and management of higher education, including positions of Chair, Dean, and Vice-President of a major public university in Russia. My research interests include international distance learning, international marketing of education, cross-cultural conflicts, country-of-origin effects, branding, employability skills, and global competencies. In the last 4 years, I have become heavily involved in designing and producing Coursera MOOCs. This site is primarily intended to provide the College community with information about me as an educator, mentor, researcher, and consultant.

Latest news

May 29. 2018. A brand new course” How to Get Skilled: Introduction to Individual Skills Management” has been completed and is now live on Coursera! Below is a promo video starring Amy Giaculli as a narrator. In addition to the course, there is a companion text and a companion website.

November 27, 2017. A new article just published. Anant Deshpande & Valeri Chukhlomin (2017): “What Makes a Good MOOC: A Field Study of Factors Impacting Student Motivation to Learn”, American Journal of Distance Education, No, 4. https://doi.org/10.1080/08923647.2017.1377513

July 1, 2017. I have joined the newly formed SUNY ESC Division of Business as Full Professor of Marketing and International Business. A new beginning!

June 2017. A new SUNY IITG grant ($67,500) has been obtained. The task is to develop a new course to complete the successful Coursera specialization.

March 23, 2017. I attended the annual Coursera Partners’ meeting in Denver, CO. Presentation.

December, 2016. An article in the Journal of Business, Management and Economics provides some detail about the ongoing iMOOC Project on Coursera. Download.

December, 2016. The Coursera specialization has been shortlisted for a very prestigious, QS-Wharton Reimagine Education Award (also known as “The Oscar in Higher Education Innovation”). Unfortunately, this year I cannot attend the event in Philadelphia!

June 1-2, 2016. With Dr. Bidhan Chandra, I presented at NAFSA in Denver, CO, the largest international education conference in the world. Then, we repeated the presentation at the NAFSA Region X Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. PPT.

May 29, 2016. Career Total Fitness Annual Retreat goes live! All four courses have been launched. Right now, there are close to 30,000 students from 168 countries in courses 1-3.

April 15, 2016. Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding is now live!

March 26, 2016. Career Brand Management and Self-Coaching goes live!

March 23, 2016. Coursera Partners’ Conference, The Hague, Netherlands.

March 8, 2016. The updated version of iMOOC is back! A press release by the College.

February 26, 2016Strategic Career Self-Management is now live on Coursera!

December 9, 2015. The iMOOC has been shortlisted for a very prestigious QS-Wharton Award (also known as “The Oscar in Higher Education Innovation”). To present the project, I am heading to Philadelphia!

November 5-7. 2015. Dr. John Beckem II goes to NYC to present our joint paper at the Northeast Economics and Business Conference.

October 30, 2015. A new project proposal for developing Career Brand Management specialization has been approved by Coursera! With a small team, we attended the developers’ workshop in Mountain View, CA.

October 19, 2015. Dr. Anant Deshpande presented our joint article “The iMOOC: Investigating Engagement and Global Learners’ Experiences in a Unique Coursera MOOC” at the AACE Global E-Learn Conference in Kona, HI.

October 16, 2015. With Dr. Bidhan Chandra, I presented at OLC in Orlando, FL.

October 15, 2015. The Final Report for 2014-2015 SUNY IITG Grant is now available for viewing/download.

September 14, 2015. Getting ready for Sloan-C in Orlando. Here is a link for a sneak preview:


July 22, 2015. The iMOOC project has received SUNY IITG support for 2015-2016. Congratulations to the team! The plan is to convert the initial version of the MOOC into an on-demand, Coursera-based resource. We’ll be launching it in the Fall. Below is the 2015 iMOOC introductory video (starring Amy Giaculli, Coordinator of Student Services at CDL)

May 30, 2015. SUNY CIT, Geneseo, NY.

March 22, 2015.  The iMOOC101 starts tomorrow. Here is a sneak preview of a faculty lecture (many thanks to Bob Kester for help with narration).


December 19, 2014. Our first course on Coursera goes live! Congratulations to the team and all involved. Mount_Rushmore_version 1 Val


November 29, 2014. With my long time friend and colleague Professor Phillip A. Neck, I presented at the 42nd annual conference of the Australia-New Zealand Society on Comparative International Education to provide an overview of our joint activities in the field of Australia-Russia collaborative projects during 1994-2014.

September 1, 2014. My half year sabbatical has finally started! The plan is to work on a SUNY ITTG grant. More later.

August 28, 2014.  Finally, I have finished a draft of my textbook to accompany a new CDL course, Self-Management and Self-Marketing. The course goes live in September 2014.

May-July, 2014.  With a team of my esteemed colleagues from CDL and IP, I have received a Tier 3 SUNY ITTG grant. We will develop an open educational resource and a Coursera course for international distance learners in U.S.-based universities. Very exciting and challenging task; my role is Principal Investigator.

January 29-February 2.   A joint presentation with Silvia Chelala and colleagues from Russian universities at US-Russia Joint/Dual Degree Partnership Network Conference at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson and New York City.

December 2-3, 2013. A poster presentation titled “Developing a Connectivist i-MOOC for International Distance Learners” has been delivered at the annual ASCILITE Conference in Sydney, Australia.

November 16, 2013. A scholarly paper titled “Strategies for bridging cross-cultural barriers for international students’ success in American asynchronous online degree programs” and written in collaboration with my esteemed CDL colleagues Anant Deshpande and Bidhan Chandra has been published by the South African Journal of Higher Education (volume 27/6).

October 22-24, 2013. A scholarly  paper written in collaboration with my esteemed MBA colleagues Alan Belasen, Betul Lus, Rosalyn Rufer and Irina Chukhlomina is accepted for a conference on Global Leadership in Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Another paper written in Russian and examining a possible impact of American MOOCs on the Russian higher education is accepted for a joint conference of the Russian Ministry of Education and the Presidential Academy (Moscow). Pdf copies of both papers are available upon request.

September 23, 2013.  Irina and I contributed a chapter to an edited volume on international education published by Palgrave Macmillan: Chukhlomin, V., & Chukhlomina, I. (2013). Outsourcing global skills development to Australian vocational colleges: A Case study on reverse transnationalization. In Innovation in Business Education in Emerging Countries (Ed. I. Alon, V. Jones, and J. McIntyre), pp. 222-238. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK. http://us.macmillan.com/innovationinbusinesseducationinemergingmarkets/IlanAlon. A pdf copy is available upon request.

February 27, 2013. I have received a SUNY GLOBAL COIL Center Nodal Network Award (more information later).

January 12, 2013. A new article has been published by “International Education Studies”.  Chukhlomin, V., & Chukhlomina, I. (2013). Engineering a business school in a former Soviet-era closed city: The Case of Omsk, Siberia. International Educations Studies, 6(1), 26-45.

December 12, 2012.  A meeting with a group of representatives from Russian Universities in Saratoga Springs, NY. Virtual presentation describing CDL’s projects with Russia.

November 28, 2012. I presented two short papers at the annual IADIS (International Association for Development of the Information Society) conference in Perth, Western Australia. One short paper called “From TAFE to American University: A Futuristic Exercise in Educational Planning” describes an interesting idea about  international collaboration. Another paper written with Irina Chukhlomina and Marina Thomas describes a series of collaborative projects in Australia.

November 14, 2012. I presented at the CDL annual International Education Week. Presentation.

October 12, 2012. A new book on e-learning has been published (in Russian).

August 8, 2012. Dr. Sergey Myasoedov, Senior Vice-President of the Russian Presidential Academy and the current president of the Russian Association of Business Education visited our College today and had a very successful meeting with the college administrators. We hope that the visit will result in fruitful cooperation; some ideas are being actively explored. I have known Sergey for a long time and look forward to new projects. Photo and official informationVideo.

June 15, 2012. With David O’Neill and Betty Hurley-Dasgupta, I presented a brief report about SUNY-China initiative at the 1st Open Education Congress, Saratoga Springs, NY. Presentation.

May 1, 2012. I have published a brief reflective paper on faculty review procedures in American universities in the Journal of Russian Association of Business Education. Text (in Russian).

April 28, 2012. With Joe Boudreau, Gavin Lowder and Patrice Torcivia, I presented at the 2012 CDL annual conference on the topic of “Teaching and Working with International Students at CDL”. In my presentation, I concentrated on the IDL programs with Russian Universities. PPT.

February 23, 2012. I have presented a paper, written jointly with Irina Chukhlomina, at the “Innovation in Global Business and Management Education in Emerging and Developing Markets: Pedagogical and Organizational Challenges and Opportunities” Symposium that was held by Georgia Institute of Technology CIBER and Rollins College, Atlanta, February 11-12, 2012.

December 5-7, 2011. I have presented a brief paper at the annual ASCILITE conference in Hobart, Tasmania, on the use of scaffolding techniques to accommodate international distance learners in a student-centered environment.   Paper.  Presentation.

July 21, 2011.  My bilingual study book is now available on Amazon. Link. This book is written to accompany a bridging bilingual online course currently offered by SUNY Empire State College under the title “EDU-232182 International eLearning Skills: Educational Planning workshop for Russian students“.

July 12, 2011. Three articles have recently been published in academic journals in Russia (copies can be found in the archives).

March 14, 2011. With Dr. Anant Deshpande, I presented a virtual brief paper at the Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education (AACE) Global Learn Conference, Melbourne, Australia, on the topic: “Developing Bridging Bilingual/Bicultural Courses (the 3 B Framework) to Prepare International Students for the American Online Classroom in an Adult Learning Environment“. Presentation. Text.

Through the development of “3B” (Bridging Bilingual/Bicultural) courses that use Web 2.0 tools, such as wikis, blogs, videoconferencing, lecture capture, asynchronous discussions, and virtual worlds, the Center for Distance Learning (CDL) at SUNY Empire State College seeks to enhance its curriculum to better accommodate international students studying remotely from their countries. Since 2007, CDL has been offering “International eLearning Skills for Russian Speaking Students” for individual students, as well as through partnerships with universities in the former Soviet Union. The course designed and taught by bilingual professors helps students overcome language, cultural, technological, and organizational barriers to global learning. The course introduces students to the use of learning technologies and helps them adjust their learning style to the learning culture of an American online college. The development of the course is informed by ongoing cross-cultural research.

October 31, 2010. I presented at the XIV Russian International Business Education Conference, held in Madeira, Portugal, on the theme “Technology Enhanced Business Education: A SUNY Experience“. More…

October 19, 2010.  My case study titled “Delivering a SUNY Degree in Siberia: What Works and What Doesn’t from a Host Institution Perspective” has been published by The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, a UK-based strategic organization that conducts high level research and disseminates emerging trends, best practices, policy frameworks, and assessment and quality assurance information relevant to cross-border higher education program delivery across the globe. Link.

September 10, 2010. A collection of my earlier articles written in Russian (with  a permission from publishers), with three new chapters added have been published through Createspace.

The book describes the author’s experience in developing dual degree programs between SUNY colleges and various Russian universities. It examines the online and blended approaches in the context of the global environment. Practical examples throughout the book allow readers:
*  to understand how dual degree programs are designed
*  to learn how to develop their own individual dual degree programs
*  to master critical eLearning skills and global competencies needed for success in an international environment.

Now also available on Amazon.com. Link.

June, 2010. All about Mentoring, an Empire State College publication, has published my article covering some of my earlier experiences in Russia. Full text.

March 1, 2010. A customized textbook has been published by McGraw-Hill for my International elearning Skills courses.

Two customized courses (“Teaching online” and “Developing online courses“) have been developed as part of the project sponsored by SUNY Research Foundation.

February 2010. VIDEO lecture: Russian programs conducted by ESC.

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