Career Self-Management and Self-Marketing

This course introduces students to advanced topics in career self-management, individual skills management and development, self-marketing and personal branding. Throughout the course, students will engage in a series of interlinked learning activities aimed at identifying, benchmarking, evaluating, peer-reviewing, documenting, presenting, and improving their job-related skills. They will learn how to use contemporary learning theories and powerful management and marketing tools for effective self-development and self-promotion. The course is developed with senior undergraduate business students in mind, ideally working professionals, with prerequisite knowledge of management and marketing principles. We expect that students in this course are already familiar with basic career development tools and job search techniques (resume, cover letter, job applications, and interviewing) and are interested in further enhancing their career-building skills in a competitive job market environment. This course is offered as a standalone micro-credential or may be taken as an elective in a business degree (certificate) program. The enrollment is open to non-business and non-matriculated students provided they have possessed the required prerequisite knowledge. In addition, the course provides a pathway to college credit for learners who have completed “Career Brand Management” specialization on “Coursera”.

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