Mastering Remote Work and Online Study in USA in the Post-COVID Era

This competency-based, skill-building course is designed to help non-U.S. students, first-generation immigrants, and foreign-born professionals better understand and master American online, as well as other U.S. virtual environments, for college and career success. In the post-COVID era, the course can be very instrumental in assisting U.S.-based institutions in organizing remote learning activities for their current or prospective international students. The development of the course was supported by two SUNY IITG grants. The course is accessible worldwide as a free, on-demand resource on Coursera ( Also, the course can be adopted by U.S.-based or international educational institutions and customized to serve the needs of their students.

The current pandemic has disrupted the world of higher education as we know it. Many thousands of students can no longer travel internationally and must study remotely. To excel in American online learning and work environments, international students and foreign-born professionals need to know how American universities and companies use the Internet to organize study and work, develop and execute projects, communicate ideas, collaborate, and solve organizational and technical problems. By taking this course, the students will learn how to enhance their cultural knowledge and assess potential skill gaps that may hinder online experience or negatively impact performance in U.S. virtual work environments. Throughout the course, the students will systematically review competencies required for online work, come to better understand common barriers for non-native students and professionals, learn how to detect and overcome competency gaps, and develop plans for self-improvement and success.

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