Selected Publications

Chukhlomin, Valeri, Exploring the Use of Custom GPTs in Higher Education Strategic Planning: A Preliminary Field Report (April 13, 2024). Available at SSRN: or

Chukhlomin, Valeri (2024). Generative AI Capability Maturity Model for Online and Adult Learning: Introducing the EMERALD-GenAI-CMM-OAL Framework (March 21, 2024). Available at SSRN: or

Chukhlomin, Valeri, Tailoring Generative AI Integration to Institutional Specifics: Introducing the EMERALD-RING Framework (April 4, 2024). Available at SSRN: or

Thomas, M., & Chukhlomin, V. (2021). Supporting Faculty Development in Technology-Enhanced Accounting and Business Education: A TPACK-Powered, Competence-in-Action Framework. Journal of Accounting and Finance, 20(7), 139-153.

Chukhlomin, V. (2020). Running a College on the Side: Reflections
on My Engagement With Coursera
. All About Mentoring, Issue 54, Autumn, pp. 12-19. Available here.

Thomas, M. & Chukhlomin, V. (2020). Introducing TCA-TPACK: A Competency Based Conceptual Framework for Faculty Development in Technology-Enhanced Accounting and Business Education. In D. Schmidt-Crawford (Ed.), Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (pp. 479-484). Online: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved November 16, 2020 from

Thomas, M., & Chukhlomin, V. (2020). Supporting Teacher Competence in Accounting and Business Education: A TPACK-powered, competence-in-action conceptual framework for faculty development in technology-enhanced learning environments. A Working Paper. Available for comments via SSRN: 

Chukhlomin, V. (2020). Career Self-Management and Personal Branding. ISBN: 979-8619535082. Available on

Chukhlomin, V. (2018). How to Get Skilled: A Brief Introduction to Individual Skills Management. A companion book to Coursera course. Saratoga Springs, NY.  ISBN: 978-1986610391. Kindle

Deshpande, A., & Chukhlomin, V. (2017): What Makes a Good MOOC: A Field Study of Factors Impacting Student Motivation to Learn, American Journal of Distance Education, No 4.

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Shi, David and Chukhlomin, Valeri, Establishing a Networked Learning Platform for the USBU* China Global Partnership: A Feasibility Study (August 21, 2011). Available at SSRN:

Chukhlomin, V. (2010). A Laboratory of Culture Shock. All About Mentoring, Spring.

Chukhlomin, V. (2010). Delivering a SUNY Degree in Siberia: What Works and What Doesn’t  from a Host Institution Perspective. A case study published in the “The Cross border education case studies repository” . The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, London, UK.

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